Watch Enraged Bitcoin Fans Smash iPhones Over Apple Snub ...

Bitcoin Users Smash iPhones After Apple Bans Blockchain Wallet App

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Bitcoin users smash their iPhones after Apple bans Blockchain from App Store

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iPhone users are smashing their devices in protest of Apple's anti-Bitcoin policies

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The SmartMesh Ecosystem Fulfills the Internet’s Original Purpose

The Internet We Deserve
The SmartMesh Ecosystem Fulfills the Internet's Original Purpose
Recently Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited with the very creation of the Internet, wrote an open letter to the world marking its 29th anniversary. In this letter (published here on The Guardian) Mr. Berners-Lee advocates for a large-scale recalibration and expansion of the internet, the cyber-phenomenon that defines the 21st Century's modern digital infrastructure.
His invention is the most smashing technological success in recorded history. No tangible innovation has scaled so far and wide, with such speed and agility, spawning with it not just an industry, but a fleet of industries, destroying as many as it created, and profoundly altering still as many. But the web is only an adolescent leviathan. It must be disciplined as well as encouraged, lest it go down the wrong path.
Nearly 4 billion people live without access to the internet. There are numerous regions on earth where empty hands are as ubiquitous as iPhones and Androids in Silicon Valley. But what are those without access missing?
On one hand they are ducking ever-pounding waves of scams, hacks, pestilent advertisements, and an endless stream of gibberish posted by a generation beset with Attention Deficit Disorder. Even more insidious is the fact that behemoth corporations have come to control massive swaths of traffic funneled through their web services like Twitter, Facebook and Google and they suck up any competition with hostile acquisitions.
But on the other hand, they are lacking a quintessential toolbox that can grant them inroads to commerce, communication, safety, training and education, not to mention entertainment and an overall broadening of horizons.
This bi-polar set of conditions provides the basis for the two questions Mr. Berners-Lee poses:
"How do we get the other half of the world connected?"
"Are we sure the rest of the world wants to connect to the web we have today?"
These questions are sober and to the point. They beg a third: Can we open the digital doors to the underprivileged masses without selling them out? The answer, is yes. There is a parallel internet underway, one that is at once agile, scalable, and easily deployable. But it is also decentralized, impartial to the world wide web, autonomous, and outfitted with the cutting edge of Blockchain 2.0 technologies.
The SmartMesh ( ecosystem allows people's smart devices to become nodes of self-sustaining networks that do not require any ISP or telecom carrier to operate. Users can communicate, make data transfers, and even execute secure digital payments in cryptocurrencies. If they provide one of their devices as a multi-hop data transfer relay, they can earn rewards in SMT Tokens which are tradeable ERC-20 fungibles already available on multiple worldwide exchanges. But wandering nodes aren't 100% reliable and can easily drift out of range.
Enter the MeshBox (, which is a futuristic hardware device that adds routing and signal strength to local SmartMesh mesh networks. MeshBoxes also can provide data storage space and stream stored content to user nodes and owners can collect cryptocurrency rewards in MESH or SMT tokens for providing these services. Finally, a MeshBox can act as a gateway between the greater world wide web and the entire mesh network. Indoor and outdoor Meshbox models can be deployed, the latter having ranges of up to 10km and running on solar power.
" some countries, the cost of 1GB of mobile broadband remains more than 20% of average monthly income." -TBL
Elon Musk has plans to set up an orbiting fleet of mini-satellites on the perimeters of earth's stratosphere in order to blanket our planet with connectivity via his Starlink initiative. But, even assuming all the satellites operate properly, they can only broadcast one way to smartphones, because the phones themselves are not powerful enough to return the signal. The MeshBox, however, will be able to establish bi-directional communications with Starlink and serve as the portal between the satellites and local mesh networks.
The SmartMesh ecosystem will also be able to integrate with any present IoT infrastructure and have an SDK that developers can build upon. It will be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain and interoperable across various others such as the Bitcoin blockchain. Tokens can be launched on the SMChain and SmartMesh partner Dcntral ( will be the first to do so. SmartMesh ecosystems will be built from the ground up supporting locals to collaborate and extend out as they wish. MeshBox nodes can serve as local digital schools, video streaming hubs, and mini e-commerce markets.
"The web that many connected to years ago is not what new users will find today. What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms." - TBL
Smartmesh's Mobile Raiden offline payment system allows internet-free digital payments, supporting local economies, and vice-versa. These transactions can bring life to a lively intercultural world market, and like the Silk Road of ages before, a wealth of information, culture and history can be exchanged within these digital habitats. In a thriving multi-dynamic peer to peer hybrid mesh, the overkill of mega-corporations is mitigated through the plurality and spontaneity of channels teeming in the living network.
"The future of the web isn't just about those of us who are online today, but also those yet to connect." - TBL
The SmartMesh ecosystem is built upon individual nodes, just as Tim Berners-Lee's original vision of the internet was, and it empowers individuals with the freedom to communicate, transact, and make value transfers within an agile framework outside the reaches of dominating hegemony. It will bring a new highly customizable set of tools to a population who needs them most. But they are not the only ones who will benefit, because there are manifold gems in the rough waiting to sparkle. When they do they will shine for us as new stars are born illuminating the undiscovered future.
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In case you missed out on what happened in Circlebroke in February, here's a comprehensive recap to get you back on track.

This is an experiment and I may do one of these each month so don’t expect this to be anything more than a summary (i.e. don’t expect February to be anything special)
Coming out of the intoxicating January, it was apparent that we would be in for a treat this year, and that this year is poised to be absolutely intolerable. A quick January recap: the Circlebroke community gradually moved back to quality posting with little moderator intervention. Yay. We had some interesting circlejerks pop up. Remember all of the controversial opinion threads in /askreddit? All of which had the exact same “controversial” opinions: eugenics, veterans/doctors don’t deserve respect (they should actually do something!), black people suck, we shouldn’t have kids, etc. We also saw u/YungSnuggie flip the metasphere on its head. What a mess. Finally, we had the annual Grammy jerk. Just know that /hiphopheads went nuts when Kendrick Lamar lost to Macklemore, that /metal was extremely displeased that metal wasn’t represented properly, and that /DaftPunk circlejerked to nauseating levels when Daft Punk walked away with Album Of The Year and a bunch of others. The other circlejerk that went along with this was “the Grammy’s don’t mean anything, calm down!!” which made up about half of comments in Grammy related posts. At the very end of January we had two important posts—one was about reddit ruining a Mimi’s café restaurant and the other was about /weather being an awful circlejerking cesspool. First, there was a photo album on /pics that showed a very trashy Mimi’s café, but then it turned out that the restaurant was inspected and passed its inspection. This post overshadowed the War of the Weather post, by a factor of 10, which is a bit unfortunate. The War of the Weather described how /weather users thought The Weather Channel is the epitome of capitalism and greed because naming winter storms is a super evil marketing scheme. All of this pushed us into ultra-smug mode at the end of the month.
Moving into February, we immediately start off with a most impressive post by Pimpst1ck detailing a phenomenon he/she referred to as “subreddit squatting”. This phenomenon can be defined by moderators inactively controlling subreddits to progress their personal views. It really comes down to u/Soccer and a shady group of associates controlling a lot of subreddits to advance holocaust denial and men’s rights agendas. Admins have been called to action multiple times recently to fix subreddit squatting, but they really don’t want to get involved. This is interesting because Admins hold free speech in the highest regard, yet allow “Squatzis” to censor anything that doesn’t adhere to their personal beliefs.
Let’s move on. Note that February is Black History Month. Cue racism. Circlebroke pointed out that all of reddit is racist. Several /funny racist joke threads were treated seriously and condemned. Someone who was a victim of the knockout game did an AMA, a lot of comments were asking/warning about the attackers being black. The submitter totally encouraged the racist comments which such responses as
Well they targeted me because I am white no doubt about it.
The submitter linked to an article about the incident and named his account after the person in the article. That’s all the proof they need! He also included his Bitcoin wallet so people could donate to the cause, further increasing the suspicion. There were somany CB posts about racism that it can’t be ignored. It was pointed out that /news is totally cool with, and finds stereotyping funny. The story was that a school apologized for serving watermelon and fried chicken for Black History Month, and reddit exploded with laughter and confusion about why the school was apologizing.
Because the links in War of the Weather were a year old, some people were probably reluctant to upvote. However, the anti-winter storm names jerk is apparently still going strong. The Weather Channel gets a lot of hate on Reddit. The jerk has gotten to the point where people just say “Naming winter storms is really dumb”, but that’s all that is contributed.
We also saw a dramatic rise of the creation vs. evolution topic site-wide, thanks to the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate. Truly, this was one of the lowest moments in reddit’s history. How many people can say “Ken Ham is stupid” or “Ken Ham had no chance against Bill Nye”? A lot. There were thousands of comments that all said the exact same thing, coming from people that surely did not watch that 2-hour, extremely cringy debate. There are no words for how awful reddit was in the days after the debate, but it made me seriously contemplate deleting my reddit accounts and leaving this website. I was pretty upset.
We need to get to Russia and the Olympics. Let’s start with Putin – reddit apparently admires Putin.
He may be a total dick, but I can't help but like the guy
The trend was that he may be corrupt and a horrible person, but since he looks very manly and serious, he’s a likeable guy. The Olympics in Sochi has spawned all sorts of circlejerking. There’s been a lot of talk on reddit and IRL about how awful Russia/Sochi is, but several /Pics have proven that reddit was way off on this. Manliness – Reddit’s obsession with Putin’s manliness was a good start, but the AskReddit thread “What is the manliest thing you have ever done?” really topped it off. Cigars + beards + whiskey = man.
Good guy p4r4digm made Circlebrokers a phenomenal Chrome extension that replaces the word 'news' with “news” (with the quotation marks). Thanks!
The mods of /ImGoingToHellForThis did an AMA and Circlebrokers managed to make Circlebroke look like a very unwelcome and disrespectful place. Good job guys.
The mods of /SubredditDrama did an AMA and it was 500 comments of inside jokes and meta references, which made it a fairly unwelcome thread. It was a step up from the IGTHFS AMA, but it felt like a bunch of friends getting together for the first time in a year and drinking beer and eating popcorn. It wasn’t that bad, but if CB moderators would have backed off it would be more interesting.
Bitcoin - The Bitcoin circlejerk is still raging. Mt. Gox, one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges, had to halt transactions and cited a (gasp) error in Bitcoins code. For /Bitcoin, this was outrageous. Bitcoin is perfect!!! Then, Mt. Gox suddenly shut down, spawning a tremendous dramawave. Also, someone in /Bitcoin got iPhone users to smash their phones (because Apple announced they don’t like Bitcoin or something) by promising them new Nexus phones. How childish is that?
Literally Hitler - Obama, Steve Jobs, and FDR are as bad as Hitler, but Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy.
Culinary Arts/Food - kichenproblems shined light on cooking circlejerks. The main ones are: infatuation with cast-iron skillets, the Millard reaction, Alton Brown, and medium-rare steak (if you don’t eat your steak that way you don’t know anything). And apparently there’s an anti-steak sauce jerk. These jerks are a result of redditors being “experts” when it comes to cooking.
Some subreddits that have been brought to Circlebroke’s attention:
/AnarchoCaptialism – They jerked about how horrible the Olympics are because the games are nationalist.
/Android – They hate Samsung. A lot.
/aww – Lots of people name their pets after pop-culture references. Harmless, but it got some people fired up.
/daddit – “For geek, nerd or neuro-atypical dads.” This parenting subreddit is mostly image posts of kids with some text posts here and there. It’s typical reddit but specialized for fathers.
/Dallas – Some people were making fun of conservatives. It shouldn’t be surprising that redditors lean liberal, but it may be an interesting subreddit to examine. It’s surely only a matter of time before conservatives are crowded out of the subreddit.
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix – The problem is that the userbase will upvote anything, no matter how dumb it sounds. However, the subreddit itself is as harmless as woahdude, so it’s not really a concern.
/okcupid – Online dating site worked for two people. The couple posted to that subreddit and Reddit couldn’t let them be happy
/OutOfTheLoop – Due to the massive spike in the userbase (+20k in a day), the quality sharply declined. Several posts feel like they’ve been “brigaded” by circlejerkers. That may have happened in the past, I’m not sure. The real issue is that many questions are way too specific to be a part of “the loop” and many questions would be better suited for ELI5. I’m sure the quality will be back to normal in no time.
/SquaredCircle – A subreddit dedicated to professional wrestling. For whatever reason they had an episode of nostalgia and were pretty unhappy about the current state of pro wrestling. Actually, “unhappy” is an understatement; that subreddit was hysterical.
/Weather – See above
/WhereDidTheSodaGo – The userbase really wanted to beat up a kid they saw in a gif because he looked like someone you “just want to hit”. They also called him autistic looking and wanted to beat him up with a baseball
Other Notes: There haven’t been many “Circlebroke is literally SRS” comments lately. Similarly, not many people have been complaining about Circlebroke integrity quality, which is good. It’s funny because image posts on Circlebroke made people go nuts, so link posts were banned, but Circlebrokers don’t mind when people write [Low Effort] posts (i.e. a link to the thread and a few sentences of ranting)
So that's it.
Here's my Personal favorite post of February
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No coinbase app for iOS, or Why I hate Apple: Reason #832

This may have been discussed here but I went to set a local business up with coinbase to accept Bitcoin and the owner wanted his own personal account. I went to put the app on his iPhone and in searching I see that Apple took their app off the market though it wasn't clear why, other than Bitcoin has been used for illegal things. I've always hated Apple personally and this just really pisses me off. I had to vent. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for iOS users (other than to smash their devices and switch to Android)?
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Fellow shibes, can we promise not to become what /r/bitcoin right now is?

I love bitcoin, and like most of you I realize that bitcoin and litecoin and hell every altcoin success is a success and a step closer to the moon for us, However I must say I was saddened to see this post garner so much of an out pouring from the community.
I understand apple deleted the bit coin app and users of bitcoin are upset, but that is no reason to smash good iphones, there are so many places where you could instead give those iphones away for free. Giving them away for free would actually lose apple money from people who have had to go buy them not purchase a new one. You could then switch yourself to whatever other phone you wanted
We've been better then bitcoin with community response I would say. When dogecoin receives hatred we don't respond with hatred but instead well wishes and we look for another outlet, we always keep our heads up high because we know the moon is soon. sadly /bitcoin right now is responding with hatred back to apple when they simply should respond by making the app for android and keeping their heads up high.
I want to go with /bitcoin to the moon, but not with how they are acting right now. I want to go with /dogecoin but not if it becomes how /bitcoin right now
So shibes, please keep tipping the dogecoin foundation or doges 4 kids or any other charity you feel is special. Go to merchants who accept dogecoin over those who don't but never show hatred for those who don't. Dogecoin will not win hearts by hatred but by love.
To the Moon....with love in our hearts shibes! to the moon!
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The CIA has the ability to hack all of your devices.

This is an automatic summary, original reduced by 95%.
CIA malware targets iPhone, Android, smart TVs. CIA malware and hacking tools are built by EDG, a software development group within CCI, a department belonging to the CIA's DDI. The DDI is one of the five major directorates of the CIA. The EDG is responsible for the development, testing and operational support of all backdoors, exploits, malicious payloads, trojans, viruses and any other kind of malware used by the CIA in its covert operations world-wide.
Many of these infection efforts are pulled together by the CIA's Automated Implant Branch, which has developed several attack systems for automated infestation and control of CIA malware, such as "Assassin" and "Medusa".
The CIA attacks this software by using undisclosed security vulnerabilities possessed by the CIA but if the CIA can hack these phones then so can everyone else who has obtained or discovered the vulnerability.
In what is surely one of the most astounding intelligence own goals in living memory, the CIA structured its classification regime such that for the most market valuable part of "Vault 7" - the CIA's weaponized malware, Listening Posts, and Command and Control systems - the agency has little legal recourse.
To exfiltrate data back to the CIA or to await further instructions the malware must communicate with CIA Command & Control systems placed on internet connected servers.
CIA hackers discussed what the NSA's "Equation Group" hackers did wrong and how the CIA's malware makers could avoid similar exposure.
Summary Source | FAQ | Theory | Feedback | Top five keywords: CIA#1 hack#2 malware#3 control#4 target#5
Post found in /news, /Android, /india, /Bitcoin, /technology, /mistyfront, /TOR, /The_Donald, /privacy, /MrRobot, /apple, /technology, /conspiracy, /brasil, /worldpolitics, /Anarchism, /The_Donald, /JoeRogan, /Futurology, /The_Donald, /The_Donald, /HowToHack, /linuxmasterrace, /germany, /The_Donald, /WhereIsAssange, /smashcirclejerk, /metacanada, /socialism, /Suomi, /EnoughTrumpSpam, /Monero, /snowden, /technology, /de, /TrueReddit, /WayOfTheBern, /GoldandBlack, /BitcoinAll, /tech, /StillSandersForPres, /Anarcho_Capitalism, /PersonOfInterest, /restorethefourth, /NSALeaks, /Kappa, /programming, /Intelligence, /Cyberpunk, /europe, /france, /TechNewsToday, /governmentoppression, /WikiLeaks, /The_Donald, /evolutionReddit, /SpecialAccess, /ItalyInformatica, /1984isreality, /italy, /Vault7, /technews, /conspiracy, /wallstreetbets, /The_Donald, /TechWar, /ronpaul, /socialistprogrammers, /trollcave, /blackmirror, /worldnews, /conspiracy, /misc, /ethtrader, /LinuxActionShow, /The_Donald, /batterypowered, /worldnews, /countermine, /Blackfellas, /AnythingGoesNews, /communism, /The_Donald, /The_Donald, /ConspiracyNews, /MarchAgainstTrump, /WikiLeaks, /The_Wilders, /hackernews, /NewsOnReddit, /NoFilterNews, /Conservative, /The_Donald, /esist, /POLITIC, /WindowsMobile, /The_Donald, /The_Donald, /The_Donald and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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Apple Blocks Bitcoin Wallets: Users Destroy iPhones - YouTube How To Trade Bitcoin On Iphone - R3 Destroys anti bitcoin iPhone with a rifle in exchange ... Apple Bans Bitcoin - Mt. Gox Withdrawal Issues - R.I.P ... BITCOIN SMART WALLET BITCOIN, Credit Cards

From its beginnings as a tracker of Bitcoin data, it branched out into new services, including wallets, where users can store their stash of Bitcoins and from where they can be sent to other users. Sure enough, there was enough angst in the Bitcoin-using, iPhone-using community to smash iPhones in exchange for a new Nexus 5. From people smashing their phones to throwing them off walls and off ledges, five users went that extra mile to show Apple that they really care about Bitcoin wallet apps on the App Store. Posted in r/iphone by u/is4k • 0 points and 3 comments Apple says no to Bitcoins, causes people to smash iPhones Apple removes Bitcoin wallet apps from app store and causes an uproar of from angry users. Charles Gantt Bitcoin users smash their iPhones on camera for a free Nexus 5 One pissed-off Bitcoin user convinced five iPhone owners to destroy their phones. Mar 2, 2020, 9:18 am* Tech . Fernando Alfonso III ...

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Apple Blocks Bitcoin Wallets: Users Destroy iPhones - YouTube

Lot of requests for my bit coin address 15SYtkReUYtA5VNr3dyqysa1pdhUKLxthf 16RWdFudTut4UDKQaTuHNe4wvcm6GkAF51 Apple's removed Blockchain wallet from the app store so people destroyed their phones to get rewarded with a Nexus 5. This... February 6, 2014 -- Valley of the Kings, Egypt -- MadBitcoins: Be really refreshed. -- MadBitcoins Subscriber Index 2424. The energy based lifeforms have uni... gerçek kimliği hala bilinmeyen satoshi nakamoto, bundan 10 yıl önce, var olan finansal düzenin tüm açıklarını kapatma iddiasındaki yepyeni bir sistemin ilk a... What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork Test Scanning Stainless Steel BITCOIN WALLET view Why the block...